Dinosaur Kale: It’s What’s For Dinner

Remember that kale from earlier this week? Well, I’ve still got about six large leaves of it left.

I told you it was a big bunch — huge, even. Supersaurus huge. (And no, this time I actually did not make that up. Google it.)



Okay okay, I’ll stop. Sheesh.

So it’s been a busy — and rainy — weekend, which means I sadly haven’t had much time to cook. As summer is winding down, I’m guessing you, too, are out there trying to take full advantage of what little of it is left, and probably don’t have lots of time to cook either… so I figured I’d share with you one of my super-fast, super-easy weekday dinners — one which is not at all original, unique, or particularly special: sauteed garlicky greens (in this case, my lingering, seemingly ineradicable bunch of Tuscan kale) with — wait for it — a fried egg on top.

…. Because, yes, probably half of my weekday dinners are [fill in the blank] topped with a fried egg. I’m sure you didn’t see that one coming.

I know, I am so predictable.

Okay, so it may not be original, unique, or particularly special… but nor is it any less healthy and filling for that. What it lacks in pizzaz and glamor, it makes up for in comfort-food (and visual) appeal and a light but well-balanced nutritional profile. Add to that the fact that it’s endlessly adaptable (suggestions below) fun to eat (I just love piercing fried eggs and directing their liquid gold yolks into the crevices of whatever they’re sitting atop) and ready in five to ten minutes, and you’ve got something which, to my mind, is more valuable: something that is worth writing home about, just because it’s such a great basic combination to have in your repertoire for a busy weekday or an exhausting Sunday night.

After all, it’s those everyday nothing-special meals that are most important in keeping us healthy and well-fed on a regular basis, when we need to fall back on something easy and familiar.

Hamilton Holt’s opinions aside, I say there are some things in life that are both worthwhile and easy — and this, dear friends, is one of them.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by calling this a “recipe”.

Basically, you take a bunch of greens (kale or — even better — swiss chard or even spinach), wash it, take off the rib or stem if you feel like it, and slice it into ribbons or chop it. Sautee a few chopped or crushed cloves of garlic, salt and pepper (if you’re feeling fancy, you can add some sliced onion and/or red pepper flakes too) in a little oil for a minute or until fragrant, then throw in the greens. Stir, cover (if you’re using heavier, tougher greens) or don’t, and cook for anywhere from 2-5 minutes until they’re darker green in color and wilted.

Push the greens onto a plate (or a piece of bread, or steak, or whatever you’re eating it with/on/over), put the pan back on the heat, crack an egg in it (I used a duck egg!), and fry it sunnyside or overeasy before sliding it onto the waiting bed of greens.

Serve it…

  • on a slice of crusty bread, topped with melted cheese or toasted and schmeared with butter or roasted garlic
  • topped with chopped sun-dried tomatoes, white beans and (more) red pepper flakes
  • piled on top of a quick tomato sauce (like this one)
  • alongside a grilled sausage and some roasted carrots, parsnips or beets
  • next to a simply-broiled steak (for a more protein-packed dinner) or a plate of rosemary roasted (or simply boiled, smashed and buttered) potatoes
  • atop a bowl of soba noodles or whole wheat pasta with a drizzle of oil and grated (Paremsean or Romano) cheese

That’s it. Bam. Dinner is served.

In fact, this all came together so quickly (and required so little clean-up) that I now find myself with plenty of time left in the evening to read! And vacuum! And organize my bank statements! … Or, um, go back to playing with the thesaurus (thesaurus! ha!) and making really bad puns.

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One Comment to “Dinosaur Kale: It’s What’s For Dinner”

  1. Your previous egg entries have already influenced my cravings! Mmmm. Do you ever poach or bake them? A friend told me about baked eggs with spinach. Sounds similar to your go-to meal! I guess that would be better for winter meals.

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