what’s the big idea?

Hi there! Welcome to my blog, Peas and Mint, where I write about my love of local, farm-fresh foods and all the healthy, tasty things I try to do with them in the kitchen.

(Warning: as evidenced above, I am also addicted to words like “fresh” and “sweet” and creative word endings such as “-venture” or “-gasm”.)

Up until recently, I worked in book publishing and lived in a small studio apartment in the west village of Manhattan. I recently moved to Brooklyn, mostly (truth be told) to be near the park. In addition to cooking, eating, and writing, I also love running, dancing (salsa, zouk, bachata, blues, you name it), and maintaining a healthy (read: overambitious and frequently exhausting) social life. Put all that together and you get a busy girl with high standards, low income, and a really tiny kitchen on a quest for healthy, affordable, largely uncomplicated meals.

I want foods that are fresh and flavorful. I want meals that are well-balanced, relatively simple (to showcase the flavors of the fresh foods in question), easy to make ahead of time (whenever possible), and really enjoyable to eat (often on the run, sometimes literally). I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, grains, fresh eggs and yogurts. I like meat and fish too, but I don’t eat that much of it and therefore don’t buy it all that often. On the rare occasions where I do, it’s generally certified humane.

Peas and Mint is my attempt to log recipes that accomplish as much of this as possible.

(See? Told you I was overambitious.)

More importantly, it is also an effort on my part to establish a creative outlet in which I can vent my enthusiasm for fresh food, thereby rescuing my friends from being subjected to even more eye-glazing, yawn-inducing ravings about the fleeting pleasures of ramps or my ongoing obsession with buttercup squash. Oh, and to practice curbing my aforementioned tendency towards really long, alliterative, parentheses-packed (and heavily-hyphenated) run-on sentences.

Hmm… so maybe that last bit could use a little more work.


If you can hang in there with the marathon sentences, the creative wordage and the excessive gushing about all things leafy-green (and red, and purple etc), gold star! I’m thrilled to have you here.

Come, sit. Stay awhile.

Obviously, all of the pictures and text here are my own, and I should tell you they’re protected under this nifty creative commons license. If you would like to use any of it for commercial purposes, email me at peasandmint at gmail dot com and ask away. I’ll probably tell you to have at it.

You can also email me just to say hello — I’d love to hear from you! Seriously. Make my day.

Happy reading (and cooking and eating)!


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