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August 21, 2011

Mexican Succotash

I’m back!

And yes, I realize it’s been over a month since my last post… but what can I say? I’ve been frolicking. And traveling. And writing and reading and getting my hands dirty.

Unemployment, contrary to popular opinion, has been conducive to a whole lot of cavorting.

First I spent a few days on a farm where I befriended a few sheep, harvested my first (and second, and hundredth) beet, and did yoga outside next to a pen of squabbly turkeys. Then I went for a run along the Golden Gate Bridge and foraged for wild blackberries (and fennel, and Grecian strawberries, and Ponderosa lemons) in San Francisco. THEN I went to Nashville where I got to go honkey tonkin’, get harassed by a rather forward little Jersey cow, and eat my way through a bucket of crabs and a plate of fried green tomatoes (thankfully not all in one sitting). Finally I returned home to pillage a prolific plum tree on a quiet block of Park Slope, jump in the ocean… and spend hours reading about the nutritive value of organically- vs conventionally-grown tomatoes, sustainable farming methods, and farm-to-table/plate/school initiatives. Yep.


In between all of that, I also managed to make this salad:

Now *that’s* farm to table, baby.

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August 10, 2010

Simple Succotash Salad

Confession: I tend to go through food phases… crushes, really. I’ll find something I love — like Thai curries, or pineapple fried rice, or this — and then make it (or some variation of it) over and over, eating it for two or three weeks straight, until finally my attentions are arrested by some previously unfamiliar ingredient or flavor combination… thus beginning a brand new love affair.

(Unfortunately for my neighbors, I do the same thing with music: I think I’ve listened to Band of Horses’ “No One’s Gonna Love You” about ten times already today. Sorry guys.)

Now I know some people are averse to eating the same thing more than once or twice in the same two to three-day period — sometimes to the extent that they won’t even eat leftovers — but if I’m being honest (and really, when am I not?), I don’t really understand those people. I mean, leftovers are great! Nevermind that living by myself and not having time to cook every night (or the money to eat out or order in all the time), I pretty much live on leftovers, making double or triple what I’ll eat at any given sitting so I have lunch or dinner for the next day or two.

Luckily for me, the ability to eat the same foods and not get bored (not even close) is also pretty convenient when one is trying to eat seasonally and to take advantage of crops for as long as they’re available.

Isn’t it great when life works out like that? I mean seriously, if I was one of those leftovers-phobic people, I probably wouldn’t have much of a social life.

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July 26, 2010

Grilled Mako with Spicy Cilantro-Lime Chimichurri

Have you ever been to Beach Haven, New Jersey? It is exactly what its name suggests: a skinny strip of summer cottage rentals, local-owned pancake houses, ice-cream parlors and surf shops sandwiched between long strips of beach and bay. I know this because only a few short hours ago I was there, taking it all in.

I went down to Long Beach Island to visit a good friend (who is also a professional dancer and actress), and to see her perform  in what ended up being the singularly most enjoyable theatre production I have ever seen. (Truly, my face hurt from smiling so much at the end of the performance.) It was a spectacular show, and wonderful to spend time with her.

What little time I had with her, that is: between performing two shows a day and an additional four or five hours rehearsing and preparing for the upcoming production, my lovely and talented friend was quite the busy bee and did not have a whole lot of time to spend with me. So in the hours I wasn’t eating lunch with her and the rest of the cast between rehearsal blocks, I had plenty of time to myself.

I spent most of my solo hours at the beach, gladly reveling in the hazy ocean breeze, the relentless sunshine, the feel of white-hot sand underfoot and the gasping shock and slap of cold ocean when it all got to be too much to bear.

And let me tell you, there is little better than escaping this sticky cycle of sun-and-sea for an air-conditioned mid-day lunch break… only to go back out there and do it all over again.

Perhaps the only thing better is hanging up your towel at the end of the day, drinking down a few sweating glasses-full of ice-water, and sitting down to seafood for dinner.

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